Red Oak Ranch

A unique fusion of farm house and hunting lodge, this 7,000 square foot home was designed to be the ideal spot for outdoor activities and relaxing with family and friends. Poplar bark, reclaimed barn wood, and stone are the primary exterior building materials, with white trim and galvanized metal roof to provide a pop of contrast. The primary living and entertaining spaces are clustered within a vaulted ceiling featuring heavy timber framing, rustic wood wall surfaces and multiple stone fireplaces. The Owner’s Bedroom Suite features a private porch and is tucked away to a secluded corner of the main level. Functional spaces including a side entry with custom key drop, large laundry room, hunting closet, and mudroom, are easily accessed from the exterior and provide a convenient spot to shed outdoor gear and muddy shoes. The second floor of the home offers retreat for both children and adults with a trophy den, bunk room, and guest bedrooms. Serving as an extension of the main living area, the outdoor dining area, screened porch, expansive patio, and fire pit sitting area provide dedicated spaces for outdoor gathering and entertaining. Connected to the main house by a flagstone paver and gravel path, an adjacent 3,000 square foot guest house provides additional parking and sleeping quarters along with a second kitchen and living space.

Single Family Residential
Petersburg, TN
Consultants and General Contractor
PRM Structural Engineers
Page, Duke Landscape Architects, Kenneth Chandler Construction