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Cornerstone Presbyterian Church

Having sought a property in Downtown Huntsville for the location of their church home, Cornerstone Presbyterian Church has selected a one-acre site adjacent to a public park alongside Huntsville’s greenway network.  Matheny Goldmon has been tasked with designing their new facilities, which will include a 600-seat sanctuary, fellowship hall, office, and education spaces.  In response to its context, the new 3 story, 42,000 square foot building features an architectural design aesthetic which compliments the adjoining residential historic district.  The Neo-Gothic architectural style has been chosen to bring a sense of timeless permanence for the new facility.  The design has been carefully knit to its site, utilizing the neighboring community green space to supplement the church’s programmatic needs, and will add a beautiful backdrop to the public park amenity.  Construction is expected to begin in the Spring of 2021.

Religious / Institutional

Project Location
Huntsville, AL