About Us

Matheny Goldmon is a firm focused on the art and discipline of design, striving to enrich the quality, aesthetics, and experiences of the owners and communities we serve.

We believe that each project, regardless of type or budget, is a design opportunity – an opportunity to inspire, soothe, delight, or add joy to the lives of those who encounter the buildings and spaces we help to create.

From gestural hand-sketches to elaborate computer-generated models, we invest creative energy throughout the design process for each of our projects.

Each client’s needs are different, and transformational spaces don’t emerge from the application of a formula. Therefore, we prepare and follow a customized process for each client, producing a custom result every single time. However beautiful or inspirational, we recognize that projects can only be considered successful if they meet the needs of the client, are responsive to their established budgets, and result in sustainable facilities requiring low maintenance over time.

We are passionate about what we do, and endeavor to provide our services to our clients as diligent, conscientious professionals, while making the design process fulfilling and fun. At the completion of a project, our team’s greatest rewards are a satisfied owner and users whose lives are enriched by the environments we help provide – each with a greater appreciation, understanding, and enjoyment of the meaningful places and spaces they encounter.


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Paul Matheny

Owner / Architect

“I’m always finding creative inspiration, whether I’m consciously looking for it or not  - a quote from the liner notes of an old Bob Dylan LP,  a Gregory Alan Isakov concert in Nashville, or a passage from a book about the restaurant industry in New York. I’m so encouraged by these and other inspirational influences, each wrestling with that overwhelming, never-satisfied quest to get it right (whatever that means).  For me, creating and experiencing architecture happens this same way, finding meaningful connections to places and spaces when the details have been thoughtfully and meticulously explored.  While my passion for architecture may be fueled by inspiration, it is ultimately the unexpected surprises that emerge from an inspired design process which I find most fulfilling.”

Marc Goldmon

Owner / Architect

“Each day, the practice of architecture brings new projects with interesting new opportunities for creativity.  Ultimately, that creative solution is what makes any project rewarding, regardless of scale, style, age or budget. Over the years, I have been blessed to work with great clients who wanted to explore and create architecture that went beyond their basic minimum building needs.  The process of actively exploring various creative solutions results in a more informed and engaged client who can discern, appreciate and then expect higher quality architecture.  These are the types of clients who continue to return to Matheny Goldmon with new and unique challenges.”

Janna S. Collins

Owner/Interior Designer

My father was a General Contractor as was his father before him. I remember going to job sites as a child and watching from the sidelines all of the demolition and reconstruction of new and existing buildings. There were fascinating sights, sounds, and smells distinctive to the process of building. Interior architecture is only a small portion of the design process but one that intrigued me. I say that I fell into it by default as construction is all I have ever experienced and known!

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