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From Concept To Creation: Ensuring Design Success

From Concept to Creation: Ensuring Design Success

Putting together a cohesive design for a residential or commercial building involves quite a bit of thought and the often talked about, but sometimes elusive “design process”. Designers everywhere have different views on how a design process should work, but most agree that a process of some sorts is necessary. Paige Mason, one of the Matheny Goldmon interior designers, believes that developing a design concept  is the crucial first step. In 2019, Paige presenting on this topic at Huntsville’s first ever Design Week, and simply puts that a design concept, “addresses and attempts to solve a design problem that’s occurring.” When it comes to developing a design concept, Paige uses three steps to ensure she has adequately identified and addressed any design problems: Programming, the Principles of Design, and Elements of Design.

Following some of these elements and principles and applying them to any project is an easy way to find design success. Is this a foolproof plan? No! Does it have to be followed to fidelity? No! But these practical and easy to follow tips help take away the stress and anxiety of starting a design project, and hopefully lead the way to a personalized design process.