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New Staff

New Staff

Welcome the Newest Additions to Our Team!

Matheny Goldmon has been blessed to experience a growth in our business this year which has led to the hiring of three new team members: Cameron Weldy, Enoc Cruz, and Shelley Childers.

Cameron is a 2013 graduate from the Auburn School of Architecture, and the newest addition to our architect team. He and his wife and 2 children moved from Birmingham to Huntsville this year to be closer to family, although Cameron is originally from Lascassass, Tennessee. He enjoys hiking, cooking, gardening, cycling, and collecting books. Cameron uses the small details that go in to designing a building to creatively solve problems and loves seeing how they come together at the end to create the finished product. He is excited to be working on the new developments in Huntsville and to be a part of the Matheny Goldmon team.

Enoc Cruz moved back home to Guntersville, Alabama from Atlanta, Georgia earlier this year to be with his wife and their three children. He graduated from Auburn with a degree in Architecture and a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. He has professional experience and is passionate about both architecture and landscape architecture and loves how plants can be used to enhance the design and experience of spaces and cities. He has enjoyed playing music since high school and currently sits in with the worship band at church and other events. In his spare time, Enoc enjoys kayaking and being out on the lake with his family and two dogs. We are excited to see how his experiences enrich our office!

Shelley is leaving the world of teaching to come back to a career of administrative and marketing work. She has a degree in Organizational Communications and experience leading a marketing program and event planning. As a former elementary school teacher, Shelley brings a new level of positivity and organization to the office. She loves reading and exploring Huntsville’s downtown area with her friends. Her love of words and writing as well as her passion for volunteering in the community and bringing people together give her a unique perspective that is a welcome addition to the office.