Good Design Endures.

A column aligns correctly with the beam it supports. A brick is in harmony with a neighborhood’s aesthetics. The result is a sense of place. And permanence. People don’t tear down and rebuild beautiful buildings. The ultimate sustainable material is design that doesn’t require rebooting in 10 years because it’s no longer trendy or responsive to people’s needs.

So, what characteristics create permanence? Depth, quality and character, which you can’t get from just pushing buttons on a computer keyboard or clicking a mouse to stretch Floor Plan X to fit the cost-per-square-foot requirements of Project Y. You need the soul and search you get from hand-drawings and color renderings and HB pencil lead.

“Even if I’m in front of a computer, I’m sketching. I sketch the forms and massing before I try to represent it on the screen. You connect in a way with what you’re thinking about when you’re drawing. You’re really investing time and energy into those details, whereas with a computer you’re pushing a button. So for me, the hand drawing is a tool I’ll never abandon.” – Paul Matheny, Owner/Architect

Custom Process. Custom Result.

Matheny Goldmon is a firm focused on the art and discipline of design, intentionally positioned as a non-specialized architecture firm, which we believe is one of our greatest strengths. We believe that too much familiarity or expertise in one project type can lead to subconscious patterns and prototypes, which may be misapplied, failing to address the unique challenges of the project at hand.

We acknowledge that each client’s needs are different and that transformational spaces don’t emerge from the application of a formula.  And because no two projects have the same budget, program requirements, or schedule, we prepare and follow a customized process for each client, producing a custom result every single time.  From gestural hand-sketches to elaborate computer-generated models, we invest creative energy throughout the design process for each of our projects.

“Every project deserves its own effort and own identity. They’re not all monuments, and not all projects have big budgets, but they all have the opportunity to be designed and considered as more than merely four walls and a roof.” – Paul Matheny, Owner/Architect

Cost-Effective Approach.

We seek cost-effective means of addressing each project’s unique set of goals. We recognize that projects can only be considered successful if they are responsive to their established budgets. We carefully assist in developing and implementing building programs and project budgets that accurately and effectively address the desired objectives. At various intervals throughout the drawing process, we review our own progress to assure budgetary objectives remain on target. During construction, we act swiftly to address unforeseen circumstances that could impact the project cost, and seek practical solutions which result in zero cost changes to the owner.

“We strive to select materials that meet the desired image, are easy to maintain, and retain their value over time.” – Janna Collins, Owner/Interior Designer

Minimal Maintenance. Long Lifecycles.

We strive to provide owners with facilities that require minimal maintenance and have long lifecycles. In order to do so, we emphasize a number of sustainable design practices. For example, we believe the design should project a timeless architectural quality. This is a simple principle: buildings that are attractive and exude permanence do not become unfashionable, and are thus replaced or remodeled less often. Our design solutions allow for flexibility, so as an owner’s needs evolve over time, the facility can accommodate multiple configurations, or be modified if necessary with little cost and reduced impact on existing operations.

“It should look like the client, whether it’s commercial or residential. Your best details come out of the challenges any space presents.” – Janna Collins, Owner/Interior Designer

Durable Materials. Enriched Environments.

We gravitate toward durable materials, which resist long-term deterioration and damage due to any number of causes ranging from pest infestation to landscape crews. At the completion of a project, our team’s greatest rewards are a satisfied owner and users whose lives are enriched by the environments we helped provide. We seek to create special places that are appropriately knit within their context and of exceptional quality relative to their purpose and maintenance over time.

“We invest in the attention to detail. Whatever architectural style is desired, we apply the correct details. People appreciate the appropriate use of detail, whether they understand it or not. First is the bigger umbrella of architectural style vocabulary: form, scale and proportion; then it gets down to the smaller details that people touch or feel.” – Marc Goldmon, Owner/Architect